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Group Travel

 Group Travel At Its Best 

Planning group travel is something we excel at! Our agency loves bringing friends and families together for unforgettable experiences around the world. We specialize in organizing all the particulars of group travel—from how best to book flights and accommodations to customizing the types of activities everyone wants to do. With our help, we’ll make group trips easy, comfortable, and loads of fun!


Women’s Group Travel​


At Worldwide Travel Specialists, we know the power that women’s travel has. It encourages females—no matter what stage in life they are in—to spark their curiosity and see all the world has to offer. When women travel together they form strong bonds and can feel good about themselves with friends by their side. Plus, traveling together creates a sense of security and safety. As a group, you’ll explore, relax, and try new things, which makes the trip fun and comfortable!


We can coordinate all types of women’s trips, but here are a few examples!


  • Wine, Food & Cooking

  • Spa & Wellness

  • Cultural Sightseeing

  • Spiritual and/or Religious 


Be sure to check our Women, Wine, and Travel group on MeetUp! 


 Travel Together, Memories Forever 

Multigenerational travel—we get it!. Worldwide Travel Specialists knows firsthand how meaningful and profound traveling with all the generations of your family can be. Whether you want to travel with your grandkids to an exciting destination for some bonding time or gather all your cousins for an exploration of your ancestral home, we’ll design a trip that focuses on bringing everyone together for quality experiences.

Benefits of Multigenerational Travel

There are a lot of reasons to consider bringing family members of all ages together for a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Here are some benefits behind planning this type of travel:


  • It offers quality time and enables you to connect and truly get to know each other

  • It inspires storytelling and sharing perspective on life

  • It creates new and unique memories among family members, which you can rejoice in for years to come

  • It encourages everyone to disconnect from technology and social media to better reconnect with loved ones and the world around them

  • It gets everyone out of their comfort zone and offers opportunities for you to try new things together

  • It’s a ton of fun!

Ready to plan your multigenerational trip?

kids walking with her mother and grandmo

 Making All Your Disney Dreams Come True 

Disney experiences are a lot of fun, but they also take a lot of planning! Coordinating your magical trip requires thorough research, top-notch organization, and some inside scoop on how to get the most out of your experience. Because we love Disney so much and understand the amount of planning, we partner with To Infinity and Beyond Travel to provide the best service possible for this extra special vacation. So whether you’re looking to explore the parks, set sail on a cruise, or take an adventure, we’ll connect you to the exact Disney experience that suits you and your family or friends.

IMG_7830 (2).JPG

Traci Taylor

To Infinity and Beyond Travel

What Does Each Disney Experience Offer?

Image by Jayme McColgan

Theme Parks

  • Thrill rides and rides for all ages

  • Themed/character breakfasts, lunches, and dinners

  • Parades

  • Fireworks

  • Resort activities

  • Shows and live entertainment


And so much more!

Image by Mike Arney


  • Pool and recreational activities

  • Port excursions and adventures

  • Character meet and greets

  • Shows and live entertainment

  • Themed events/parties 

  • Kid-friendly and adult-only dining venues

Image by Roméo A.


  • Family-friendly experiences and tours around the world

  • Kid-friendly activities for learning and exploring

  • Insider access to certain sights 

  • Guides that help tell your destination’s story

Image by Glenn Tan


A Disney Resort & Spa - Hawaii

  • Family-friendly pool and beach areas

  • Fun activities for kids of all ages

  • Activities and spa services for adults

  • Disney character experiences

  • Shows and live entertainment

  • Nature, art, and culture excursions

  • A variety of delicious dining options

This is just a taste of what Disney offers!

Learn more here to plan a magical adventure. 

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