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Quality Service

At Worldwide Travel Specialists we make it a priority to truly listen to everything you have to say about what you’re looking for your next vacation or adventure.


From understanding your budget and what you value most, to finding the perfect accommodations and activities for your personal style of travel, we’re here to design exceptional experiences for you. We make quality recommendations and you can rely on us to get flights that work best for your schedule, reserve reliable transportation, book accommodations that suit your needs, and organize an itinerary that excites and inspires you. Our agency has experience working with all types of travelers and groups, so no matter the size or style of your vacation, we can customize and collaborate with you to see that all your wishes are met!


What Can We Help You With?

There’s no limit to what we can assist you with, but here’s what we specialize in!


  • Solo, Couples

  • Family/Multigenerational

  • Women’s Groups



  • River & Ocean Cruises

  • Faith-based Travel

  • Journeys by Rail

  • Resort/Beach

  • City/Cultural Tours

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  • Caribbean

  • Israel (multi-generational and/or spiritual)

  • Europe by design

  • Asia

  • Hawaii



  • Food and cultural tours

  • Spa and wellness

  • Shows and entertainment

  • Excursions

and more

Our Unique Process

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Step 1

To start off we’ll schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation to go over exactly what you’re looking for. We’ll lend you our ear and provide insightful recommendations.


Step 2

Next, we’ll go to work on researching and putting an itinerary together using our expertise, knowledge, and reliable industry connections.


Step 3

You’ll then receive an email with our proposal, which will also include deposit, final payment, and cancellation policies. You can approve the proposal we’ve put together or we’d be happy to set up a phone call to adjust and refine it with you.

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Step 4

Once everything is approved,

you’ll need to submit your deposit.

Image by Nicole Geri

Step 5

Then, we’ll make all the proper bookings and reservations and get everything organized for you.

Image by Arnel Hasanovic

Step 6

Once your final payment is made, all you have to do now is take off and enjoy! We’ll be here to answer any questions you have before, during, or after your trip.


Step 7

Lastly, connect back with us to provide your review! We value your thoughts and feedback, and want to make sure everything met your expectations.

Ready to get away? Schedule a FREE consultation now!

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